Using inline SVG processing for icons but also for logos may be one of the most important topics for frontend developers and designers. Even I love using Fontawesome in most of my projects, using SVG over icon sets and font libraries has some advantages not only in processing time but

If you are running a Proxmox Host in your network you might consider setting up your own backup solution for Mac OS. However, this is normally not as easy as it calls. Apple is kind of restrict in the version of Samba or Linux you have to use and also

As a network admin I work with a lot of different server systems and remote computer. One of the questions I was wondering a lot is how to transfer remote files to my Mac. This could be anything from readme files, password files up to my latest case a VPN

I just worked on a new setup shell script and observed that it’s not quite self-explaining how to use sed command to paste a specific path into a file already existing. So let me recap the details for you in this post. Remember the following while using sed: If