Welcome to my blog.
Welcome to my blog.

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Hello World

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Great that you made it and welcome at Mac and Tech! My name is Johannes and I finally start writing my own blog now.

Where are my Maccaroni?

Even if the name „Mac and Tech“ makes you think of one of my favorite dishes Mac and Cheese (awesome!), there won't be any recipe ideas published on this blog (although I can really recommend Burnhard's Mac'n'Cheese recipe ;-)).

The origin of my idea to write a blog actually came quite early: From my continuing enthusiasm for Apple and the Macintosh since G4 (somewhere in 2003), as well as my passion for any technology and especially programming and networks, I have been able to gather a lot of knowledge and experience over the years. I have collected this knowledge loosely in various notes and apps so far. This led to the fact that I couldn't find my own notes anymore when I had recurring problems and had to look everything up again or find it out anew (how was it with the genius and the chaos?). So I see this blog as a chance to share some of my experiences with you and in addition to support my in-brain memory at the same time! So I want to present you on this blog various things about Macintosh, programming, tutorials, computers, networks but also other interesting things from the world of technology. Well...out of this and with the luck of a free domain I can say: Welcome to Macn.tech!

What is my schedule?

Since I regularly try new things and always get excited about new technology and projects, I try to share them regularly with you. But as it is...keep you posted ;-) How would so-called influencers say now: "Click subscribe, activate the bell, follow me on all social media channels...". Well....but the newsletter you could already subscribe :-p

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